Warehouse Services


We offer 3PL service, built under the supervision of professional experts, which meets international standards and has a significant share in the more efficient planning of all operations in the supply chain from the beginning to the end of cargo in the "A +" category warehouses.



A + category closed warehouses:

  • Optimization of warehouse operations with WMS - Warehouse management software
  • Storage of goods
  • Loading and unloading of goods
  • Sorting of cargo at acceptance
  • Pallet storage of products in shelf warehouses
  • Product control - tracking, barcoding
  • Receipt of returned products, disposal of unusable products, delivery to special landfills or recycling points
  • Regular counting – inventory
  • Submission of regular reports
  • Regular monitoring of temperature and humidity in the warehouse
  • FIFO, FEFO, etc. collection and loading of orders in accordance with the principles
  • 24/7 security control
  • Boxing, packaging, banding, stretching
  • Putting various enlightening and explanatory stickers on the products
  • İnsurance of goods

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Customs warehouse mode:

  • Acceptance of loads in 61 and 74 modes
  • Carrying out cargo arriving at customs warehouses through sorting, packaging, and processing operations and then preparing for export
  • Partial customs clearance
  • Placement of goods under customs control and storage for a certain period of time without customs duties, value-added tax, and application of trade policy measures

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Fertilizer warehouses:

  • Adopted to technical conditions and sanitary-hygienic requirements
  • Phytosanitary rules and norms were observed
  • Equipped with a fire protection system
Fertilizer warehouses built under the supervision of professional experts are at your service.



Open storage field:

  • Ability to implement workshops and production processes
  • Storage of goods in a wide, open area by the roadside
  • Opportunity to sell products



Information center:

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Mob: +994 50 555 52 52



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