Terminal services


We provide a large cargo terminal with a capacity of 21,000 tons, a closed storage area with 8,100 square meters, and an open cargo platform for huge loads. The implementation of loading and unloading of cargo is carried out by the most modern equipment at the terminal. High-end and operative services are provided through the single window system. The characteristics of customers’ cargo are analyzed by specialists and stored safely until customs clearance.

  • Loading/unloading service from wagons
  • Loading/unloading service from containers
  • Documentation service
  • Weighing machine service
  • Wagon cleaning service
  • Storage of containers at the area
  • Sorting of cargo in the area
  • Maneuver service
  • Radiological dosimetric sanitary quarantine examination
  • Tracking of wagons and containers
  • Address changing service
  • Telegram service
  • RWT – standardization service


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