3PL service


We offer 3PL service, built under the supervision of professional experts, which meets international standards and has a significant share in the more efficient planning of all operations in the supply chain from the beginning to the end of cargo in the "A +" category warehouses.

Absheron Logistics Center provides the organization of international transportation, warehousing, transportation, consolidation and deconsolidation, customs clearance, cargo insurance, packaging, stickers, forwarding, order delivery, and value-added services by acting as an intermediary between seller and buyer through 3PL service.

Delivery of goods is managed most efficiently by reducing the cost and time of warehousing operations. With a convenient geographical location, equipped with the latest technology, shelf warehouses have 24/7 security control. The warehouses are equipped with the latest WMS (Warehouse Management System) software to conduct all operations accurately, systematically, and with quality. Delivery of large or special training cargoes is carried out in accordance with the standards with a special approach.





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